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Amrita Court Nebuliser (Diffuser) Wooden Base Diamond Bird

Amrita Court Nebuliser (Diffuser) Wooden Base Diamond Bird

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The "Daimond Bird" Nebuliser - newly designed handmade and modern essential oil diffuser. Perfect for modern home. A truly exquisite unit to aromatise and sparkle up your household.

Utilising clever air pump technology the nebulising unit delivers a cool and pure atmospheric essential oil vapour.



100% soft pine wood painted with water based lacquer, with individually hand-blown glass reservoir.

  • Materials: Nordic beech and hand blown glass; 
  • Dimension: 110mm X 100mm X 210mm (H); 
  • Voltage: 5V; 
  • Volume: 30ml 
  • 7 Colour LED Light
Direction for Use:


  • Insert the glassware into the wooden base and attach to power supply.
  • Add 5-30 drops of your favourite essential oils into the diffusing piece, taking care not to overfill beyond the air nozzle in the base of reservoir.

Operating Cycle

  • Turn the knob to switch on for 5 minutes on and 3 minutes off for a duration of 3 hours then it will automatically switch off.
  • Press the knob for 7 colour light


  • Essential oils and blends may be added to the unit without having to clean every time.
  • Alternatively, if you prefer to not have residual essential oils that were previously diffused, clean and wipe glass reservoir with ethanol or ethyl alcohol between usage of different essential oils.
  • Occasionally wash glassware in luke warm soapy water and rinse for a thorough clean.
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