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Adol Drops 30ml

Adol Drops 30ml

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"Aims to address the major issues teenagers commonly experience. It can help to enhance acceptance of self, communication, social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional stability and optimism. Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue.

• Can assist to cope with change
• May encourage consideration of others
• Can help to enhances communication
• May encourage increased self esteem"

Key Features

"1) Aims to address the major issues teenagers commonly experience
2) Natural Remedy
3) For the whole family"


"Billy Goat Plum, Boab, Bottlebrush, Dagger Hakea, Five Corners, Flannel Flower, Kangaroo Paw, Red Helmet Orchid, Southern Cross, Sunshine Wattle And Tall Yellow Top.

Formulation: Biogenic Essences Of The Below Flowers, Purified Water And Brandy As A Natural Preservative System."

Directions/ Uses

Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue.

About the Brand

Developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist, the Australian Bush Flower Essences range of pure botanical Flower Essences are used all over the world to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Flower Essences have been described as vibrational therapy and the can be used by the whole family including your pets as they are pure and natural.

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