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Men's Drops 30ml

Men's Drops 30ml

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Men's Essence is for men always on the go, often rushing, which can lead to impatience and irritability. It brings forward a man's playfulness and sense of humour. This Remedy helps a man with all his relationships, especially to his own father and, if he has any, his own children. This Remedy also assists a man to be both more in touch with and more easily express his feelings. 

Key Features

"Positive outcomes:
You becoming your best masculine self

Assists in:
Male Bonding
Physically active
Communicating ones feelings
Fun and sense of humour
Opening your heart


"Black-eyed Susan, Bluebell, Boab, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Red Helmet Orchid, Sturt Desert Pea and Yellow Cowslip Orchid.

Formulation: Vibrational infusions of the flowers above, purified water and brandy as a natural preservative system."

Directions/ Uses

Easy to Use: Just 7 drops under the tongue.

About the Brand

Developed and researched by Naturopath, Ian White, a fifth generation Australian herbalist, the Australian Bush Flower Essences range of pure botanical Flower Essences are used all over the world to help manage the emotional demands of everyday life. Flower Essences have been described as vibrational therapy and the can be used by the whole family including your pets as they are pure and natural.

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