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Crispy Cauli Sea Salted Bites 8x27g

Crispy Cauli Sea Salted Bites 8x27g

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Who says you can’t be smart AND tasty? These delicious Crispy Cauli bites by Keto Naturals are a totally unique product designed to hit the snack time spot! Whether you’re a salty spirit, a BBQ fanatic, or a garlic and herbalicious mouth breather, there’s a savoury keto snack option for you. 

At a Glance
    • Gluten free and low carb
    • Vegan Friendly
    • Available in three delectable flavours

It’s so easy to get sick and tired of your regular snacks. Peanut butter and celery gets boring, bliss balls are often deceptive sugar traps, and there’s only so many protein shakes one person can take… Well you’ll be glad you stopped by here to spy these delightful keto-friendly portions!


Made without fillers or artificial flavours, these babies are over 95% wholesome cauliflower! Available in three delicious flavours, while free from gluten, dairy, and bad vibes, you’re going to love knocking down a bag of these veggies.

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