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Replacement Shower Cartridge 1 Piece

Replacement Shower Cartridge 1 Piece

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New Wave Enviro Products Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge is a for replacing the old cartridge in your New Wave Enviro Premium Shower Filter.

The housing unit does not need to be replaced.

New Wave Enviro Products Shower Filter:

  • Healthier, softer-feeling skin and less brittle hair
  • Longer-lasting, more vibrant hair colour
  • Extend life of hair products and lotions
  • Long-lasting! Each cartridge lasts for 1 year of average use
Suggested Use

1. Unscrew and remove the existing shower head from the shower arm (1/2 in. pipe).

2. To minimze water drips, wrap the included teflon tape around the shower arm and the filter (optional).

3. Screw the Premium Shower Filter onto the shower arm and screw the shower head onto the Shower Filter. Hand Tighten Only- overtightening can crack the filter housing.

4. The Premium Showr Filter is now ready for use. Simply turn on the water as usual. The very first time the Shower Filter is used, the water may take a minute or so to flow through.

5. Whenever the Premium Shower Filter is opened to replace the cartridge, the o-rings there to keep the filter from leaking should be properly seated in their channels, and rubbed with petroluem jelly to keep them supple. Petroluem jelly can also be used on the threads of the housing.

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