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Honest To Goodness Organic Brazil Nuts 200g

Honest To Goodness Organic Brazil Nuts 200g

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Honest to Goodness Organic Brazil nuts are organically grown and sustainably sourced. Brazil nuts have a crisp yet buttery texture and an earthy taste which is perfect for snacking, creating homemade nut milks or nut butters. Also rich in selenium, healthy fats, protein, and fibre.

NO GMO. Unroasted and unsalted. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

How to use
They make a great tasting snack on their own, roasted, salted or can be used in muesli, cakes, desserts or nut mixes.

Growing and Processing
The nuts grow in clusters of 12 to 24 inside 5 or 6 inch pods that fall from great heights when ripe, so harvesting can be tricky & dangerous! These brazil nuts are organically grown so no herbicides or pesticides are used during the growing process and no preservatives or additives are used during production of the nuts.

Organic Brazil Nuts

Nutritional Information Av. Per 100g/100ml
  • Energy (kj): 2888
  • Protein (g): 14.4
  • Fat Total (g): 68.5
  • Fat Saturated (g): 14.8
  • Carbohydrate (g): 2.4
  • Sugars (g): 2.1
  • Fibre (g): 8.5
  • Sodium (mg): 2
Serving Size (g/ml)

Allergen Advice
Contains: tree nuts (brazil nuts). May be present: gluten, sesame, soy and other tree nuts.

Country of Origin


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