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Honest to Goodness Nut Milk Bag

Honest to Goodness Nut Milk Bag

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It is not just a nut milk bag… this super handy, multi-purpose bag is a great tool for creating the smoothest plant-based milks, pulp-free juices, nutritious sprouts, cold brew coffee, creamy labneh + so much more!

Crafted from nylon with a fine weave for superb straining. This nut milk bag is U-shaped without corners for easy cleaning.

  • Reusable and long lasting
  • Food grade BPA free nylon
  • Quick drying
  • Machine washable
How to use
Make homemade dairy-free milk by soaking 1 cup of your desired nuts, seeds or legumes for 4-8 hours in water. Once soaked, drain and blend with ¾ cup of freshwater. Finally, strain the liquid through your nut milk bag for a silky, smooth plant-based milk. No pasteurising, additivities, preservatives, or nasties necessary!

Pulp-Free Juice - You can use a nut milk bag to also make pulp-free juices! Simply place your fruits & vegetables into your blender or Thermomix and blend on high for 2-3mins or until everything is blitzed! Strain the juice through your nut milk bag into a jug or glass & enjoy!

Creamy Labneh - Simply add plain Greek yoghurt to your nut milk bag and hang it over a bowl for 24 hours to allow the whey to drain. Remove the yoghurt from the bag, flavour as desired then use to top salads, curries or as a dip!

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