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Honest to Goodness Organic Cashews 200g

Honest to Goodness Organic Cashews 200g

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Organic Cashews have a rich, buttery, nutty flavour that makes them a popular nut choice, whether cooked or raw. They are an addictive snack and are great in mueslis, baking, nut butters and stir fries. Cashews are also a popular ingredient in vegan baking - replacing cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products - as they blend into a thick, creamy texture once soaked.

Our Organic Cashews are WW320 grade which are premium quality, larger and heavier whole nuts.

No GMO. Unroasted and unsalted. No added preservatives.

How to use
They are a nutritious snack and are great in cereal or for baking. They also make wonderfully rich butters and are a satisfying addition to salads and stir-fries.

Growing and Processing
The cashew tree forms a brightly coloured false fruit that looks similar to a pear. The cashew nut is attached to the bottom of this fruit encased in a husk. Once harvested, the husk is removed as it contains a caustic resin, and the cashew nut, as we know it is revealed. They are grown without the use of any insecticides, herbicides or pesticides and are preservative and additive free.

Organic Cashews

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