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Honest to Goodness Organic Dried Incaberries 175g

Honest to Goodness Organic Dried Incaberries 175g

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Organic Dried Incaberries, also known as Cape Gooseberries and Goldenberries, are nature's sour lollies! Incaberries have a unique, sweet and tart taste with a chewy texture. Packed with nutrients, these berries are an excellent source of vitamin C and are higher in antioxidants than goji berries, green tea and blueberries.

Dried Incaberries are a great addition to an anti-pasto platter, granola, trail mix, baking or simply eaten straight from the bag.

Native to South America, our organic incaberries are hand harvested and naturally sun-dried.

No GMO. Insecticide and chemical free. Preservative and sulphur free.

How to use
They make a delicious and nutritious addition to any trail mix or muesli blend. Boost the nutrients in your smoothies by adding Incaberries for a flavoursome punch. They are a fantastic substitute for sultanas, raisins, cranberries or blueberries in baking. They make a fantastic jam, chutney, paste or spread and can add zest to any salad, side dish or perfect in a stuffing mixture.

Growing and Processing
Incaberries not only taste fantastic but play an important role in the highland communities of Ecuador. David Bormeo, who is the Incaberry farmer, has been operating the farm for five years, and now employs over 400 people from the local area. Most of the exported products from Ecuador are grown in the coastal areas; however Incaberries are grown in the mineral rich soils of the highlands, 2500m above sea level. This provides the local communities in this area an opportunity to farm and make use of their land, with now over 100 local Incaberry growers meeting the increased global demands for this super-fruit! They are grown without the use of pesticides and simply picked and sun-dried.

Organic Incaberries (100%)

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