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Honest to Goodness Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts 200g

Honest to Goodness Organic Raw Macadamia Nuts 200g

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Introducing our Organic Style 2 Macadamia Nuts, the perfect snack for anyone looking for a creamy, heart-healthy option. Grown using organic and biodynamic methods, these nuts are delicious and sustainably produced.

Our premium Macadamia Nuts come in a 50/50 mixture of whole kernels and large halves, ranging in size from 13mm and up. This is a versatile ingredient for cooking or taking with you in this convenient 200g bag for a satisfying snack to enjoy any time of day.

Experience the rich flavour and nutrition of our premium Macadamia Nuts and feel good knowing you're supporting sustainable agriculture. Add them to your favourite recipes or simply snack on them for a guilt-free treat.

How to use
Macadamia nuts are versatile and can be eaten as a snack, used in baking, or as an ingredient in savoury dishes. Some popular applications for macadamia nuts include:

Snacking: Macadamia nuts are a healthy and delicious snack on their own.

Baking: Macadamia nuts can be added to cakes, cookies, bread, and pastries to add flavour and texture.

Cooking: Macadamia nuts can be used as a garnish or an ingredient in savoury dishes like salads, pasta, and sauces.

Growing and Processing
The macadamia nut tree is an evergreen tree native to Australia, ranging from small to large and can grow up to 2-12 meters in height. The fruit is a hard shell that contains one or two seeds. When sufficiently moist, the fruit is cracked open to reveal the raw macadamia nuts.

Our Raw Organic Macadamias are produced through holistic biodynamic farming methods in the state forests of Southeast Queensland. Wodonga Park uses natural remedies instead of synthetic insecticides and herbicides to maintain the long-term health and quality of the soil. Wodonga Park's warm subtropical climate and nutrient-rich volcanic soil create an ideal environment for growing high-quality macadamia nuts. Additionally, Wodonga Park also grows biodynamic macadamias, avocados, and lemons.

Macadamia nuts

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