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Honest to Goodness Organic Sorghum Flour 1KG

Honest to Goodness Organic Sorghum Flour 1KG

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Honest to Goodness Organic Sorghum Flour is an ancient non-gluten grain with a mild sweet flavour and soft texture, it is an excellent substitute for traditional wheat flour in many of your favourite baking recipes from sourdough bread to delicious cakes.

Sorghum flour is naturally gluten free and rich in a variety of nutrients and antioxidants. This grain is also packed with fibre and protein, creating a soft tender crumb when baked. 

No GMO. Unbleached and preservative free. No added sugar. 

Whilst Sorghum flour is naturally gluten free this flour is processed on equipment and stored in a facility that also processes glutenous flours therefore gluten may be present.

How to use
Organic Sorgum Flour is a great All-Purpose Plain Flour alternative, which works well in both sweet and savoury recipes.

Organic Sorghum Flour is a great replacement for wheat flour in baking recipes. Due to its dry and smooth texture, extra moisture should be added by increasing the amount of your binding ingredient.

Try it in flatbreads, pancakes, baking and more!

Growing and Processing
This unbleached wholegrain flour is made from certified organic Australian grown white Sorghum grain and is locally milled to create this smooth, wholegrain flour.

Sorghum originated in Africa thousands of years ago and spread throughout Asia and the Middle East. To this day Sorghum remains a staple food in Africa and India. 

Organic Sorghum Flour

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