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Honest To Goodness Coconut Fibre Twisted Scourer 1piece

Honest To Goodness Coconut Fibre Twisted Scourer 1piece

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This little scrubber is tough but kind to your dishes and the environment. Its unique twisted shape is great for grip and gets it into all those grimy nooks and crannies.

100% natural coconut husk fibres bristles won't scratch but will outlast their plastic peers. No plastic also means no microplastic pollution for a more environmentally friendly dish duty.

The naturally antibacterial properties of coconut fibre keep bristles fresh and free of mould. They also won't get greasy making it perfect for stubborn pots and pans.

Long-lasting and biodegradable, once its time is up, your brush will leave nothing but recyclable wire behind.

How to use
Roll up your sleeves and get scrubbing! Rinse, shake and hang to dry.

Growing and Processing
Handmade by a community of women in Sri Lanka using coconut husk fibres, a waste product from local food industries. The production of these brushes supports these women with medical expenses and a creche allowing them to earn an income and support their family. Every part of the brush is natural, unbleached and chemical-free and the wire that holds it together is galvanised to prevent rust.

Country of Origin

Sri Lanka

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