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NAKULA Coconut Water 12x330ml

NAKULA Coconut Water 12x330ml

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Refreshing, healthy coconut water, Nakula brings to you the finest selection of organic coconut products sourced from the best farms in Asia. Nakulas premium range is of the highest quality. You will have peace of mind knowing that we are certified organic.

With a clean, delectable taste, Coconut water is a fantastic natural source of electrolytes and one glass of coconut water contains good amounts of magnesium, manganese, potassium and sodium, plus the added benefits of some vitamin C. The natural electrolytes make it nice and hydrating and it contributes towards your daily water intake.

Instead of a sports drink or electrolyte powder full of nasties, get your hands on some coconut water instead. This coconut water from Nakula is one hundred percent coconut, so you’re assured you’re getting nothing but the amazing benefits of coconut water.

100% Coconut water

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