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Organic Neem Oil 50ml

Organic Neem Oil 50ml

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Neem, known in India as Nimba or 'bestower of health', is used in traditional Ayurveda system for thousands of years. Nature's Shield neem oil is certified organic, sustainable and is cold-press extracted, for preservation of its natural qualities.

  • Don’t let bugs bug you! Protect your pets and plants with amazing neem oil. Scientifically proven as a powerful natural insect/pest repellent, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and fertiliser neem has a rich history.
  • Used for centuries in India to repel insects and fertilise soil, the United Nations dubbed neem the “tree of the 21st century.” Neem has been valued worldwide since 1959 when a German entomologist observed that a locust plague in the Sudan left neem trees untouched.
  • Neem is used for animal and plant healthcare. In agriculture, it’s hailed as the harbinger of a breed of benign pesticides and fertilisers. As research reveals, it doesn’t damage plants or people like other chemical repellents or insecticides.
  • Neem alkalises and nurtures soil with rich minerals while increasing earthworms up to 25%. Therefore, neem rapidly rehabilitates degraded or salinated soils.
  • Known as Nimba or ‘bestower of health,’ Neem is used in Ayurvedic system. Research reveals it repels over 400 bugs and stops mosquito larvae from forming. So slip on a shirt and slop on some neem to keep those bugs at bay!

100% certified organic Neem seed oil.

Direction for Use:
For external use only.

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