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Onion Powder 50g

Onion Powder 50g

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It provides richness to a wide range of foods and is very useful in vegan cooking. Anything from soups, sauces, and dips to roasted veggies and homemade kale chips may benefit from a savoury boost.

Onion’s unique sweet-salty flavour is a must-have in the kitchen. You’ll get all the flavour and scent of a fresh onion without the tears with this onion powder.

100% Certified Organic Onion Powder (98%), Natural Anticaking Agent (Silicon Dioxide)|We have added a small amount of silica to improve the flow of this organic onion powder. The silica is from a natural source – crushed quartz - a common mineral in the earth’s crust. It has been washed and dried before use.

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