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Organic Fruit Loaf (pickup only)

Organic Fruit Loaf (pickup only)

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This loaf features beautiful organic sulphite free dried fruits, the pulp of whole oranges and the grainy flavours imparted by wholemeal and stoneground wholegrain flours. The plump fruits, citrus and the best quality Ayurvedic cinnamon combine in a balanced hearty loaf.


Certified Organic White Wheat Flour, Certified Organic Wholewheat Flour, Certified Bio-dynamic Stoneground Wheat Flour, Twice Filtered ‘Grander’ Water, Certified Organic Sourdough Culture, Certified Organic Sultanas, Certified Organic Currants, Certified Organic Whole Oranges, Certified Organic Dried Apricots, Natural Sea Salt, Certified Organic Spices, Natural Vitamin C.

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