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Tomato Sundried 150g

Tomato Sundried 150g

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Ceres Organics Sundried Tomatoes are made of organically grown red tomatoes, harvested at the peak of ripeness and dried naturally in the sun with just a little bit of salt added. This procedure allows tomatoes to retain their nutritional value while intensifying their taste.

Spice up your next meal with some sundried tomato pesto, or dice them and mix into your cooked green beans or fresh tossed salad. They work anywhere fresh or canned tomatoes do!

Sundried tomatoes may also be preserved in olive oil, along with other ingredients such as rosemary, basil, tomatoes, dried paprika and garlic.


Certified Organic Sundried Tomatoes, Salt

Nutritional Information

Serve Size

per Serving
per 100g
Energy (kj) 216 1080
Protein (g) 2.8 14.0
Fat, Total (g) 0.6 3.0
- Saturated (g) 0.0 0.0
Carbohydrate (g) 11.2 56.0
- Sugars (g) 7.6 38.0
Dietary Fibre (g) 2.4 12.0
Sodium (mg) 420 2100
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