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Essential Therapeutics Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Clarity 15ml

Essential Therapeutics Essential Oil Diffuser Blend Clarity 15ml

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Designed specifically for diffusing – for “environmental fragrancing”, for creating an ambience, for air purification, odour reduction, inhalation therapy and on. This blend is perfect for use in our Aromatizer aerosol diffuser and is suitable for use in any type of essential oil vapouriser.

Diffuser Blends can also be used in massage treatments, for topical preparations and in bath treatments if desired, in the same way as our Massage Concentrates. Only 100% TGEO guaranteed essential oils are used in our blends – no common extending agents such as dipropylene glycol or isopropyl myristate are ever used.

  • A great “wake-up” blend that will clear and refresh the mind.
  • Based on research that has demonstrated how various essential oils can stimulate the brain, this blend may enhance your study or work - whenever clarity and concentration is needed.

A blend of pure Lemon, Rosemary CT1, Peppermint, Geranium and Sage essential oils.
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