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Organic Hawthorn Berries

Organic Hawthorn Berries

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Widely used as the treatment for heart and cardiovascular ailments.


Northern Europe

Features and Indications
May be useful for but not limited to:
  • Bringing down high blood pressure.
  • Support recovery after a heart attack.
  • Nurtures the entire cardiovascular system.
  • Assists adrenal function.
  • Hot flushes during menopause.
  • Stimulate red blood cells.

Serving Suggestions
Facial lotion for clearing up acne - Soak 1/2 cup dried berries overnight in 2 cups of water. Heat & simmer for 10 mins. Cool & strain, refrigerate or freeze in small batches for use as required. Apply 2 times daily with cotton wool.

Cautions and Contra-indications

Hawthorn may increase the cardiac effects of digoxin (Lanoxin, Sigmaxin), possibly without increasing the toxicity. Use with caution. Monitor digoxin dosage.

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