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Amrita Court LITTLE 100% Natural & Pure Essential Oil Blend Energy & Focus 10ml

Amrita Court LITTLE 100% Natural & Pure Essential Oil Blend Energy & Focus 10ml

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Little Energy & Focus blend creates an uplifting and harmonious atmosphere for your kids. It not only purifies room environment, creating an area for study, relaxation or focus,
  • 100% Pure & Natural
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Made in Australia

Expeller-pressed Sweet Orange | Bergamot | Ylang Ylang Complete | Cananga Indonesia | Geranium Egypt | Lemon Myrtle | Himalayan Cedarwood | Rosemary
Direction for Use:

Add 6 drops to an essential oil diffuser, as desired and diffuse into a room environment.

Two or three drops can be applied to facial tissue and inhaled as desired.


For use on the body: the Blend can be used to create a massage oil blend. Use from 8 to 16 drops (about 2.5% to 5%) added to 10mL of a good quality vegetable oil (Apricot Oil)

The massage oil can be used with massage application, to the whole body or selected areas. 

For a uplifting bath: fill the bath and then add  8 drops of Enlighten Blend to the bath water.

Mix the surface of the water with your hand to make sure it is dispersed.

The essential oils in the bath will penetrate the skin to some degree and the warm bath water helps to evaporate some of the essential oil to release their aroma.

For external use only.
Do not swallow or drop into eyes, nostrils or ears.
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