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AromaWorks Room & Linen Mist Harmony 100ml

AromaWorks Room & Linen Mist Harmony 100ml

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Harmony’s blend of essential oils combine creating a calming, mood enhancing atmosphere to provide a sense of wellbeing and happiness. This rich, floral aroma pairs the soothing, calming Natural Rose with the balancing sweet Rose Geranium, the refreshing fruit-sweet notes of Bergamot and the uplifting fruity notes of Mandarin, bringing you a beautifully balanced blend of essential oils guaranteed to balance and emotionally uplift.

Fragrance: Rich, Floral, Fruity
  • 100% pure Essential Oils
  • Long lasting, natural scent, no chemicals
  • Safe to use on fabric

Ethanol and Essential Oils ( Rose, Rose Geranium, Bergamot & Mandarin)
Direction for Use:

Spray generously into the air. To scent fabrics, spray from at least 20cm away
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