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Baxter Blue Blue Light Glasses Lane Crystal (Small Medium) Non Magnified

Baxter Blue Blue Light Glasses Lane Crystal (Small Medium) Non Magnified

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Our expansive collection of blue light glasses alleviate the symptoms of digital eye strain and eliminate glare, enhancing your digital viewing as well as the health and well-being of your greatest assets - your eyes, your mind, and your body.

Our Blue+ ™ technology goes deeper. Unlike our competitors, our blue light filter is not a surface layer or coating. Your Baxters have a blue light pigment technology embedded right into the lens, filtering out as much as 80% of the highest energy wavelengths known to cause digital-eye-strain. It’s a difference you’ll feel.

The Fit: Small/Medium in structure, these Blue Light Glasses suit almost every face, and has multiple personalities in multiple finishes.
The Lenses: Blue+ ™ light filtering lenses, with anti-reflective & super hydro-phobic coating.
Size: 48-21-140
  • Blue+ ™ lens
  • Filters Blue Light
  • Eliminates Glare
  • Virtually Clear Lens

Not sure if you need reading glasses? If you are having trouble reading the fine print, holding the menus further away then you like tens of millions of people are developing presbyopia which is a natural part of ageing, so don’t worry! This means you need a pair of our Baxter Blue Light Readers! If you have no trouble reading fine print, congrats, you don’t need readers and can choose from our non-prescription range.

Your lens strength can most commonly be determined by your age and once you are around 40-45 years old you may need reading glasses. It’s important to select reading glasses that have the correct magnification value. The strength of reading glasses is measured in diopters. This number indicates how powerful a lens is, the lower the number the less strength- Our readers start at +0.5 diopters up to +2.0

Below is a guide for choosing the best strength for you
  • 40-45 yrs +0.5 to +1.0
  • 46-50 yrs +0.5 to +1.5
  • 50-60 yrs +1.0 to +2.0
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