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Biotta Organic Breuss Antioxidant Juice 500ml

Biotta Organic Breuss Antioxidant Juice 500ml

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A unique mix of vegetable juices based on Rudolf Breuss’s original blend, supplemented with the tasty juice of dark berries and other fruits. Balanced flavour from 50% vegetables and 50% fruits with particularly high levels of natural antioxidants. Lacto-fermentation supports the production of gut-friendly L+ lactic acid and helps lower the pH of the juice, making it easier to digest.

  • Cell protection: the unique formula may naturally protect cells against oxidative stress thanks to natural antioxidants (including vitamin C) from a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. The juice harnesses the power of dark berries in combination with the original Breuss vegetable blend. Source of vitamin C, may support the immune system.
  • Well-being: the juice offers a wealth of plant-based vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and phytonutrients that may promote health and well-being. Easily digestible thanks to lacto-fermentation.
  • Acid-base balance: thanks to its high potassium content, the juice may have a positive effect on the body’s acid-base balance.

100% freshly pressed organic juice from beetroot, carrots, celery, potatoes (all lacto-fermented), kiwis, grapes, cassis, aronia and acerola.
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