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Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend Fine Ground 1kg

Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend Fine Ground 1kg

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Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend is made from 100% roasted natural dandelion and chicory roots. This delicious, caffeine free alternative to coffee can be enjoyed by the whole family, day or night.

Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend has been enjoyed by Australians for well over 35 years, and the original blend of dandelion and chicory roots remains unchanged to deliver the perfectly unique, rich and aromatic flavour.

  • Dairy, Caffeine & Lactose Free
  • 100% natural
  • No added preservatives or flavours
  • Non GMO
  • Vegan Australia Certified

Roasted dandelion root, Roasted chicory root.
Direction for Use:

Use one teaspoon per cup of hot water. Percolate or filter similar to coffee or steep for one minute and strain similar to tea. Add milk, honey, or sugar to taste and enjoy.
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