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Don't Be Bitter Be Better by J. Webster

Don't Be Bitter Be Better by J. Webster

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“Hey, Mum, I’m at the hospital in Santiago and things are not looking good for me. It looks like I have a tumour on my spine.”

It is every parent’s worst nightmare to receive a phone call that brings bad news about one of their children. Especially when their child is residing on the other side of the world. In Don’t be Bitter be Better: From Terminal to Terrific, a Mother’s Raw Account of Her Son’s Aggressive Cancer Battle, Jennifer Webster tells the emotional story of her son’s cancer diagnosis and his battle to survive.

In this inspirational personal story, Jennifer captures the mood of desperation, and the highs and the lows of Matthew’s journey, drawing the reader in as if they were part of her family willing her son to overcome the odds and win his fight with cancer. This story provides an insight into negotiating the medical system, and describes the strategies, resilience and inner strength required in times of unrelenting adversity. With the support of his people around him, an integrated approach to healing and a steely determination to overcome the rarest of rare cancers, Matthew’s story of survival is a must-read for anyone seeking the mental fortitude necessary to take on cancer.
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