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EASY pH Test Kit with Booklet

EASY pH Test Kit with Booklet

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Easy pH Test Kits are litmus paper for testing pH balance in the body. This may be indicated for those who are sluggish, tired, have frequent headaches, poor recovery from exercise, poor digestion and weight problems.

The EASYpH Test Kit with Booklet contains litmus paper for 90+ tests and a comprehensive information booklet to understand pH balance and guidelines on lifestyle changes to achieve acid-alkaline balance. 

This product is ideal for resale to retail customers and clinic patients and is an excellent complement to all-natural therapies. EASY pH is the only test kit which has an information booklet included.
Litmus paper for 90 plus tests.
Direction for Use:
Saliva testing: bring up fresh saliva and spit onto strip of EASYpH paper, or spit onto a clean spoon and dip strip into saliva. 
Urine: urinate onto strip or into a clean cup and dip strip into liquid. 

Compare strip to chart.
Do not insert into mouth. 
Not suitable for any other purpose.
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