Essen Therap Epsom Salts 5kg

Essen Therap Epsom Salts 5kg

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To create your own formula for effective bath treatments, we offer a bulk size of natural Epsom salts – magnesium sulfate. To this base, you can add any number of ingredients of choice, from active clays, vegetable oils, essential oils and so on.
Direction for Use:

Sample formula – Detox Bath Treatment – for 500 grams

Epsom Salts – 400 grams approx.
Argiletz Green Clay – 50 mL (70 grams)
Essential Solubiliser – 40 mL
Circulation Massage Concentrate – 4mL

Directions: Mix the green clay with the Epsom Salts. Mix the Circulation Concentrate with the Solubiliser first, then mix into the bath salt mixture. Using the Solubiliser, the essential oils will disperse into bath water, instead of floating on the surface. Excellent for circulatory problems and fluid retention. The formula is enough for five bath treatments, using 100 grams per bath.
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