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Essential Therapeutics Massage Blend Concentrate Muscle Ease 10ml

Essential Therapeutics Massage Blend Concentrate Muscle Ease 10ml

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Therapeutic Massage Concentrate – This concentrate is a 100% pure essential oil blend. It is designed to be added to pure vegetable oils or other natural base products, such as Essential Base Cream, for use in massage treatments or simply as a topical application.

  • A potent anti-spasmodic blend that may be useful for all kinds of muscular tension including sore, over-worked muscles, muscular cramps and spasms (including menstrual cramps), lumbago (lower back pain), arthritic pain and inflammation associated with sciatica, neuritis and neuralgia.
  • Applied to the lower abdomen and back, it may assist with indigestion, intestinal cramps and colic.
  • Its excellent stimulating and tonifying properties may relieve stress related and post-illness fatigue.

Contains essential oils of Rosemary CT1, Wintergreen, Tropical Basil, Nutmeg, Clove Bud and Peppermint.
Direction for Use:

For application to the skin, we generally recommend from a 2.5% to 10% concentration of the concentrate in a carrier base. For application to local, specific areas of the body, concentrations up to 50% can be beneficial for various complaints. 

Concentrates are also intended for use in therapeutic bath treatments. Mix from 10 to 30 drops of concentrate with our Essential Solubiliser for addition to a warm to hot bath.
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