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Heart Radiance Aust Wild Flower Essence Teen Transit 30ml

Heart Radiance Aust Wild Flower Essence Teen Transit 30ml

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This blend assists young people in the transition from child to adult through the tumultuous teen years. Helps parents ride the changes, emotionally and attitudinally as their child moves through the difficult years of teenage-hood into adulthood. Helps teenagers to moderate the emotional and physical roller-coaster that accompanies the influx of body-changing hormones.

  • Negative adolescent behaviour patterns
  • Teen trouble at school, with the law, with sexting or pornography, boy/girl crazy
  • Emotional turmoil, refuses to communicate, wilful behaviour

Healing Outcomes:
  • Eases the transition from puberty through to adulthood
  • Helps you to ‘hold the space’ for your child as he/she goes through the tumultuous body, brain & hormonal changes that herald adulthood
  • Settles an emotionally-charged and wilful teenager

Ingredients: Purified water, Brandy, Vibrational Flower Essences.

Direction for Use:

Place seven (7) drops of Dose Essence directly under the tongue, twice a day or as required.
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