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Heart Radiance Aust Wild Flower Essence Vital Energy 30ml

Heart Radiance Aust Wild Flower Essence Vital Energy 30ml

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This blend of essences helps you focus, protect yourself from burning out, and gives an energetic boost. Supports intuitively conserving our energy for the things that matter. Builds understanding of the true meaning of ‘service’ and of learning to give and receive in equal measure. Assists rejuvenating, regenerating, revitalising, renewing, refreshing, restoring and restocking life force energy.

  • Constantly tired, lassitude, no motivation, wants to sleep
  • Worries about endurance for an up-and-coming event or life situation
  • Nagging, negative thought patterns that devitalise and sabotage

Healing Outcomes:
  • For focus on the matter at hand and protection from burning out through adequate rest, hydration & preparation beforehand
  • Gives an energetic boost when you’re tired or just ‘flat’
  • Aids releasing unnecessary worry, anxiety, and guilt that drains vitality

Ingredients: Purified water, Brandy, Vibrational Flower Essences.

HeartRadiance Essences: Cassia, Dandelion, Macaranga, Seeing Eye, Snail Vine, Swamp Lily, White Wandering Jew.
Direction for Use:

Place seven (7) drops of Dose Essence directly under the tongue, twice a day or as required.
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