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THE WHOLE FOODIES Kelp Noodles Original 340g

THE WHOLE FOODIES Kelp Noodles Original 340g

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They may look and taste like noodles but The Whole Foodies Kelp Noodles Original variety couldn’t be further from those average noodles you already know. Made from just three ingredients, these low-calorie noodles champion kelp, a nutritious vegetable found in the sea making them vegan, gluten-free and seriously good for you. They serve as a versatile recipe base and hold all of your favourite sauces with ease thanks to their neutral taste and smooth texture.

How to use

Simply sub out regular rice and egg noodles for The Whole Foodies Original Kelp Noodles in your favourite stir-fries and more to create low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free meals with ease.


Water, Kelp, Sodium Alginate.

Product Attributes

Gluten Free, Dairy Free , Vegan

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